Williams Family

I have known our back yard neighbor Nick since he was 8 and used to play with my son Casey. He is married to Danielle and they have two beautiful children Ben (age 2) and Izzy (5mos). I thought it appropriate that they are the first family to be photographed for my family documentary portfolio. I spent a few hours photographing them as they started their daily routine.

 Over morning coffee, Danielle checks her phone app to see if Izzy is awake.

Izzy gets a good morning kiss from mom.

Izzy greets the day.

Danielle changes Izzy's diaper.

Danielle gives Izzy a kiss.

 Izzy drinks her breakfast bottle while Danielle and Nick look on.

Nick, Danielle and Izzy

Nick, Danielle and Izzy starting the day.

Izzy playing.

Izzy smiling.

 Izzy touching her toes.

 Izzy playing.

Nick and Ben share a wake up smile.

Nick changes Ben's diaper.

Ben playing with his puzzles.

Danielle helps Ben with his puzzle.

 Izzy watches Ben play.

 Izzy looks very interested in Ben's puzzle.

Ben watches Izzy on her activity blanket.

 Ben drinking from his bottle on the couch.


 Izzy starting to crawl.

Izzy crawling.

Nick and Izzy walking.

Nick, Danielle, Ben and Izzy in the kitchen.

 Ben at the counter eating waffles.

Ben has a mop of hair.

Playtime with Nick, Danielle, Ben and Izzy

 Danielle and Ben on the couch looking at a book.

 Danielle and Ben on the couch looking at a book.

Danielle and Ben on the couch.

Ben dances to AC/DC on the TV.

Ben watches TV.

Nick and Ben looking for a toy.

Nick and Ben find the blocks.

Nick and Ben playing with blocks.

Nick and Ben playing with blocks.

Danielle puts Izzy in her bouncy chair.

Danielle changes Izzy's diaper while Nick and Ben play with blocks.

Nick, Danielle, Ben and Izzy on the couch.

 Izzy sitting on Danielle's knee.

Ben at his comfy spot.

Ben sitting with his blanky and bear.

Ben climbs down the outside stairs.

Nick and Ben outside.

Danielle putting sunscreen on Ben.

 Ben takes fish food from Nick's hand to feed the fish in the pond.

 Ben plays with the wheel barrel.

 Danielle and Ben practicing Yoga.

Ben is not happy.