Newport RI Wedding Photographer

“I will give you authentic, classic and timeless images that resonate all the love and connection you feel on your wedding day”.

Newport RI Wedding Photographer 1 - Peter Silvia Wedding Photography

Newport RI wedding moment, couple enjoying a glass of champagne by the Rosecliff Mansion fountain.

As a Newport RI wedding photographer I use a visual storytelling approach to tell timeless stories that celebrate the love, beauty and connection that you feel on your wedding day.

I want you to be present, breathe, relax and enjoy your wedding day as I capture you naturally, in the moment.

Wedding Moments

Here are some examples of the wedding moments I capture naturally with my storytelling approach.

  • Wedding couple kissing in The Chanler garden.
  • Wedding dress and shoes Glen Manor House.
  • Flower girl admires brides dress at NYYC wedding.
  • Wedding detail shots-bride holding unique bouquet
  • Groom with brothers getting ready at NYYC wedding.
  • NYYC bride sees dad before ceremony.
  • Bride getting ready with help from mom and bridesmaids at Villa 120.
  • Couple exchange vows at Trinity Church wedding ceremony
  • Bride checking makeup before ceremony at Castle Hill Inn.Castle Hill Inn.
  • Groomsman reaction during St George's Church wedding.
  • Jr groomsman during St Lucy's Church wedding.
  • Wedding couple kiss in front of St Mary's Church after ceremony
  • Rosecliff StoryBook H+P on staircase
  • Wedding decor shots of unique tented NYYC wedding lighting decor.
  • Trumpet introduction to reception at Rosecliff Mansion.
  • Rosecliff Mansion wedding couple pour a champagne tower at the reception.
  • Groom reaction to speeches at Castle Hill Inn wedding reception.
  • Castle Hill Inn Lighthouse wedding couple
  • NYYC Wedding party with flower girls
  • Bride sharing a glass of champagne with bridesmaids Rosecliff Mansion.
  • Bustling the bride at Castle Hill Inn wedding.
  • Grandparents at Rosecliff wedding reception.
  • St Michael's Church, Blithewold Mansion, Bristol RI
  • Wedding couple dancing the Tora at Rosecliff Mansion.
  • Father daughter dance at Glen Manor House wedding
  • Couple on the lawn with Hunters moon at Rosecliff Mansion wedding.
  • Wedding couple at  Castle Hill Inn Lighthouse.
  • Cigar time at The Chanler Hotel reception

Intimate Weddings and Elopements

A wedding is about two people who love each other surrounded by the people who love them.

Many couples considering getting married during these uncertain times are re-thinking the big wedding with hundreds of guests.

Many of Newport’s romantic venues are offering smaller intimate wedding options.

Consider a less = more approach to inviting 20 to 50 of your closest family and friends to celebrate at a Newport RI venue.

Intimate weddings are more affordable. Having a smaller quest list allows you more freedom with your wedding budget. As a couple you will have the luxury of affording quality over quantity. You can put together a team of wedding professionals who will make your wedding day unique.

Other benefits of having a smaller wedding include:

+ less stressful wedding planning

+ being more creative with venue and vendor options

+ spending quality time with each other and guests

+ More quality and value on a smaller budget

Explore the options for creating a memorable wedding day celebration.