The StoryBook Concept

Most wedding albums are at best a collection of photos that show what happened but not why.

The StoryBook design layout uses timeless images edited to tell the story. The sequencing of the images and using size and space on the page emphasizes the narrative of who (the characters); the what (details and scene settings); the why (emotion, mood, interaction) along with the scene setting and "quiet" images that provide the narrative structure of a beginning, middle and end.

The couples Peter photographs value his storytelling artistry and design abilities, preferring that he create the initial design and selection of images.

Each image is then artistically enhanced to include signature b+w conversions and painterly color enhancements to insure the highest quality reproduction. This initial design layout is presented online for your review and collaboration.

The StoryBook itself is a 9X12 hardcover book printed on 100% archival fine art museum quality matte paper and is hand-bound with your choice of photo, fabric or leather cover options. When you open up a StoryBook you see a full page narrative layout without cuts or gutters in the layflat binding, so your images display without any distractions.

The StoryBook becomes a narrative of love and belonging that creates a connection to each other. It celebrates and preserves the emotions, expressions and relationships that make your wedding day unique.

It becomes a priceless family heirloom to share with future generations.